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Roofing & Repair Services Dublin

Expert Roof Repairs will give your home a fantastic new look, guaranteed every time.

As one of Dublin's leading roof and gutter repairs specialists we also provide a complete range of roofing and replacement services.

You will notice the difference once you employ Expert Roof Repairs because we only use the best products available and being experts in the field of roof repairs, roof restorations and new roofing we are able to complete any job right down to the last detail.

Expert Roof Repairs embraces the provisions of the Work Health and Safety Act and relevant Codes of Practice.

Expert Roof Repairs remains committed to providing the highest standard and quality of results allowing us to maintain complete client satisfaction in all aspects of workmanship.

  • Roof Repair Dublin

    Is your roof in need of urgent roof repairs?

    A leaking roof during a storm is something no home owner ever wants to face. However, all too often we notice that leaking or damaged roofs don’t get noticed until it becomes a harsh reality. Perhaps due to fallen branches or hail stones, lack of regular maintenance or even due to foam insulation absorbing moisture and hiding the problem. When this happens, the damage caused onto the house ceiling can lead to significant repair costs. The main lesson from this is that leaky or damaged roofs should be dealt with before the problem escalates.

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  • Re Roofs

    Thinking of a roof replacement your old roof? We are leaders in the field of re-roofing.

    Re-roofing is a 3iberglass3 field that we are well qualified in, from our supervisors to our workforce that has many years of experience of roof replacement under their belt.
    Given the unique nature of re-roofing it is crucial to use fully qualified tradesmen – especially in the area of the removal of tiles and replacement of the metal roof cover.
    The requirements for tie downs and the replacement of battens are just some of the other areas that require professional attention.

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  • Flat Roofing

    Putting our friendly customer service and hardworking dedication on top, Expert Roofing specializes in residential, industrial and commercial flat roofing maintenance, repair and construction.
    Having a flat roof is now a common practice for many new properties – commercial and residential – and for many older properties. The benefits are vast, such as adding another level to your property, simpler maintenance, easier installations and many more.

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  • Fibreglass Roofing

    Cost Effective:

    When fitted, the 4iberglass and resin laminate together and are mechanically fixed to the surface they are laid on to. You may walk on it, put planters or other heavy objects on it, without causing any damage. Salt water and UV rays have no effect on it and pooling water will not affect it since there are no joints, apart from the expansion joints which are raised up above the surface, in short it will be very hard to accidentally damage it.

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  • Roof Cleaning

    Roof Washing for Your Shingle Roof:

    Given everything that’s going on in your life, you might find it hard to address home maintenance. However, roof cleaning maintenance is vital for protecting your investment and for keeping a solid roof over your head. Instead of attempting potentially dangerous maintenance tasks yourself, consider hiring a team of professionals to do exterior pressure washing for your roof Expert Roof is standing by to provide quick and thorough house power washing service for Dublin homeowners.

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